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After Twitter-Facebook, YouTube banned Donald Trump’s channel



After Twitter-Facebook, YouTube banned Donald Trump's channel Funny Jokes

After Twitter-Facebook, YouTube banned Donald Trump's channel Funny JokesWashington: After Twitter and Facebook, now Google has also given eye to US President Donald Trump. Google has removed their new video uploaded on Donald Trump’s YouTube channel. Along with this, Google has also banned Trump’s YouTube channel for a week.
YouTube said in its statement, YouTube is sensitive to content that incites violence or incites people. And President Donald Trump’s new video violates YouTube’s policies, so President Trump’s new video has been removed from YouTube. Along with this, YouTube has also taken a strike on President Trump’s channel, which means that now President Trump can neither upload new videos on his YouTube channel for the next one week, nor do live streaming. Can. You Tube said, the video that was posted on President Donald Trump’s channel has been carefully reviewed, after which in the content of the video, we have found violence-provoking materials, which violate our policies, hence Trump His channel has been banned for a week, deleting new videos from the channel of “You Tube Trump has earlier banned the comments coming on the channel.”