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7 chic ways to style a bigger and bigger shirt



7 chic ways to style a bigger and bigger shirt Funny Jokes

7 chic ways to style a bigger and bigger shirt Funny Jokes

The best thing about an oversize shirt is that it is very comfortable! The easy-going fit is a perfect pick for comfortable walks and even travel. Wondering how to style big shirts in a more-than-original way? Do not fret, as we have covered you! Here are seven ways you can style an oversize shirt and look chic!

As a tunic

A long and oversized shirt can be styled as a tunic. Keep your look simple and style it with classic blue jeans and boots.

Layer it with corset

Another fun way to experiment with oversized tops is to layer it with a corset or bustier top. You can style a black corset top or a white shirt with a colored one.

Corset over a shirt

Style it with skirt

Do take your shirt game up to a level and layer it a skirt. You can add a bodycon mini skirt above the button-down shirt and make a statement.

Wear it as a dress

Style is a shirt as a dress is a no brainer! To add size to the shirt, style it with a chunky belt and wear it with thigh-high boots!

Style with Shorts

If you do not have a medium-length shirt that is too risky to wear as a dress, style it with mini shorts. Keep the last few buttons open and give a sneak peek of your shorts

White shirt and shorts


Add a retro touch to your shirt with a tie tie-up detail. You can style a tie-up shirt with a skirt or even your classic pair.

Use it for layering

Another way to style your very large shirt is to use it as a layering piece. Wear it with a crop top and shorts combo or combination of slip tops and jeans.