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6 Uses for Coca-Cola You Might Not Know



6 Uses for Coca-Cola You Might Not Know Funny Jokes

6 Uses for Coca-Cola You Might Not Know Funny Jokes

Bright Side offers 10 alternative ways to use Coca-Cola, most of which we had not heard of before.

1. Natural Curl

The orthophosphoric acid in the drink sells the hair cuticle, making the strands shiny and slightly wavy. The low pH level of the drink also normalizes the acid-alkaline balance, which is important for people with dry and brittle hair. Wet your curls freely with kouva-cola, and wash your hair with shampoo after 5–10 minutes. By the way, it occasionally stars Sookie Waterhouse, a well-known actress and model.

2. Chewing Gum Removal

There is no need to panic if you suddenly have bubblegum stuck to your hair. Pour some soda on the glue, and leave for several minutes. Then gently and carefully remove the gum. The process is long, but it is definitely better than cutting your hair.

3. Hair bleaching

If dyeing makes your hair too dark or shiny, then you can wash it with kuva-cola and bleach it a little. Such an effect can be explained by the presence of citric acid and essential citrus oils in its recipe.

4. Bathroom cleaning

Thanks to orthophosphoric acid, Coca-Cola dissolves limescale and other impurities very well. Use a sponge or sprayer to apply the liquid. Leave for several hours or, better still, overnight, and then wash it off. By the way, it refers to the acid allowed food additive and it is not harmful if you consume it in the appropriate amount.

5. Coin cleaning

Place the torn coins in a high narrow container, and fill it with Coca-Cola. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then shake the container as if you were the bartender making the cocktail. Then wash the coins under running water.

6. Removing Rust

Coca-Cola competes perfectly with rust, so you can use the drink to loosen rusted bolts, clean metal objects, and solve other problems that have been stirred by rust. Apply Coca-Cola on the affected area, then rub with a sponge. If the rust is very old, use foil.