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3 reasons to stop sleeping on your right side or stomach



3 reasons to stop sleeping on your right side or stomach Funny Jokes

3 reasons to stop sleeping on your right side or stomach Funny Jokes

Some of the most serious chronic problems such as heartburn and back pain can be caused by incorrect sleeping posture. Even though we all know how important it is to enjoy a good night’s sleep, it’s not just about what feels less. It should be more about what is best for our body. Sleep is getting full or at least it should be a big part of our life and here is why we should rethink our sleeping habits.

The Bright Side found that our waking lives may encounter some problems that may be related to the most common incorrect sleeping conditions, such as on your stomach or on your right, and why.

1. It causes heartburn .

Lying flat on your right or directly on your back can cause a problem called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or make it worse for anyone who is experiencing it. This occurs when acid and contents from the stomach increase in the esophagus. The valve that prevents the acid from returning to the stomach region cannot control reflux due to gravity in these conditions and the contents of the stomach are brought under the esophagus, causing heartburn, discomfort, acid taste in the mouth. , Bad breath and sometimes chest pain.

it’s better:

Sleep on your left side and add a tilt to the top of your body. It has been proven to help people who experience GERD episodes feel relieved by reducing heartburn. In this sleeping state the stomach is in the proper position which forces the food to remain in the stomach and does not leak into the upper region of the stomach and out of the esophagus valve.

2. It is bad for your spine and back .

According to experts, this sleeping posture is related to chronic back pain. This posture puts pressure on your back and spine through the night because most of your weight is in those body parts. The spine is not set in a natural position and this is why you may sometimes feel numb or need to stretch when you change position.

it’s better:

If you cannot sleep in any other position, you can adjust your sleeping position in a way that naturally helps your spine. Try to put 2 pillows under your body, one under your pelvis and the other under your head. However, the best sleeping position to reduce back pain is to do the same thing while lying on your back or with a pillow under your head and between your legs.

3. It can cause chronic neck problems .

If you do not turn your neck to the side, it is impossible to breathe properly while sleeping on your stomach. This sleeping position can lead to the development of chronic neck problems, such as herniated discs, because your head and spine are out of alignment and your neck is forced to turn. The chain of bones in the spinal cord is protected by a disc. Continuous poor sleeping conditions can damage the gelatinous portions of those discs and lead to chronic pain.

it’s better:

Sleeping on your back is the most natural position for your entire body. Doctors recommend this condition to people undergoing chronic spinal pain from arthritis. It is best to sleep with a small tilt down your neck with a foam pillow. You can also try a pillow under each arm to give your neck complete relief from weight and pressure.