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Zarine Khan said- ‘I was called till Fatrina’ comparing Katrina Kaif



Zarine Khan said- 'I was called till Fatrina' comparing Katrina Kaif Funny Jokes

Zarine Khan said- 'I was called till Fatrina' comparing Katrina Kaif Funny Jokes

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Zarine Khan had started her career brilliantly, but could not make a good place in the film industry. She said that she is ‘too much with a pretty face’, and was never given a chance to break out of Katrina Kaif-like looks. Zarine, who made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’ in 2010, made headlines at the time for her physical resemblance to Salman’s co-star Katrina. He said that the audience is also guilty in promoting this Narrative. He said, ‘Yes, in the beginning, it was completely the same thing. Honestly, I don’t even know where it came out. Even before my pictures or my interview, a random image of my Facebook account was circulated claiming that she looked like Katrina Kaif. ‘

He said, ‘At that time, social media was not as powerful as it is today, and we relied heavily on media houses and newspapers. So, I think the public did not really get a chance to see me and make any conception of themselves. He was introduced to the audience as this gossip. Our audience is also a bit naive in the matter that whatever is offered in front of them, they trust it and do not make any conception of their own. ‘ He explained that, his weight also became an issue. As someone who weighs 100 kilograms and always considers herself ‘fat’, Zarin said she was surprised that even after losing 40 kilograms, I was being called fat. I was called as far as ‘Fatrina’. When I went out for events, nothing good was written about me, they only talked about my weight. Zarine said that it had an effect on his mind and that he was ‘constantly feeling not well’. Zarine also appeared in the horror films – Hate Story 3 and 1921.