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Today is the finale of Bigg Boss 14, why this season was special, whose head will crown the winner, know here



Today is the finale of Bigg Boss 14, why this season was special, whose head will crown the winner, know here Funny Jokes

Today is the finale of Bigg Boss 14, why this season was special, whose head will crown the winner, know here Funny Jokes

The 14th season of 2020-2021 has been a very long season in the history of Bigg Boss. Yes, this season this show ran for a total of 140 days. This season, 145 episodes were aired on TV. With this, the highest number of contestants i.e. 23 people entered this show in this season. Where someone came from a wild card entry, someone came here as a senior. So someone came home as a challenger. But among all this, there is a single Rakhi Sawant who is now remaining inside the house. Ali Goni is a contestant who is a wild card entry. Where today there are 5 contestants in the house. Those whose names are as follows. Rubina Dilac who has not been out of the house even once. So there is another one, Rahul Vaidya who has gone out of the house for one day and returned.

The third name is of Nikki Tamboli, who was once evicted from Bigg Boss 14’s house. But seeing his love for the show, he was recalled to the show. The fourth player is Ali Goni who once walked out of the show due to Jasmine. But Bigg Boss gave him another chance where Ali returned to play the show for himself. Rakhi Sawant is the fifth most famous player in all of these. One of these fives will be seen doing the Bigg Boss 14 trophy in its name today.

Whose head can decorate this crown

According to the voting trend, in this season of Bigg Boss 14, the things about Rubina Dilac are becoming the most talked about. Where his fans have supported him a lot this season. Because of which they have the highest chance of winning. Where the actress is seen as the daughter-in-law of the country. The actress arrived here with her husband. In the fourth week of the show, she made it known to everyone that she wants to divorce her husband. Because of which this show became even more big and special. Rubina played this game with her husband Abhinav Shukla and both of them got a lot of love in this house. This is the reason why the couple is not getting divorced now. Now they are one. Which means that Rubina has won this game in her personal life and all she needs is a trophy.

Rahul Vaidya

Rahul came into discussion with the singing reality show Indian Idol. Where he could not even win this reality show, Abhijit Sawant won the show instead. It was the first season of Indian Idol, due to which people did not know anything about them. With this, Rahul has been seen as an aerogent boy in the industry. But in the house of Bigg Boss 14, he has broken this image and told that he deserves to be a wonderful friend and life partner. Rahul is well known on social media in the name of RKV. Big Boss has also given Rahul a second chance. Rahul Vaidya also proposed his girlfriend Disha Parmar during the show and made the show even more romantic. Because of this, the battle of victory this year is happening in Rubina and Rahul. It is believed that this year the crown of the winner will be decorated on the head of either of these two.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi has come to the show to give TRP to the show. Yes, before the arrival of Rakhi, the TRP of this show used to be just 1.1, but after her entry, the TRP of this show now stays above 1.9. Many people say that Rakhi Sawant needs more, but according to the voting trend, people are still with Rubina. But Salman Khan had said in his weekend war that this fight is not over yet. So anyone can win on this show.

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli has been playing the most safe in this game. Apart from the public, friends made at home have saved them from going out of the Big Boss, which is a very special thing. Rubina and Rahul have always supported Nikki Tamboli.

Ali Goni

Ali has been a strong player. Where he fell in love with Jasmine Bhasin in his Bigg Boss 14 journey. After his debut with Spitsvilla, he has also done shows like Nach Baliye. But this time it was a matter of heart, so he was in a jasmine affair. After which he remained in friendship. This is the reason why he did not pay much attention to his game. Because of which he is not being seen as a winner.