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These films lead to crime, entertainment and brutal face shown on screen



These films lead to crime, entertainment and brutal face shown on screen Funny Jokes

These films lead to crime, entertainment and brutal face shown on screen Funny Jokes

Sometimes the story of films in Bollywood is so good that we like to watch them again and again. We also get influenced by the acting of a character in films. There is definitely something in the film that completely impresses us. We are very much inspired by films, but we are not necessarily taking good inspiration from them. Sometimes you can take negative also. Many believe that by watching movies and TV shows, criminals find new ways to commit crimes. Sometimes it makes sense to make such allegations. The police have solved many such cases in which the accused were motivated to commit crime by watching movies.

Inspired by the film Dshyam

Recently, an incident came to light in February in which a 13-year-old child conspired to murder. The Pune police had found the dead body of an 11-year-old child. Investigation revealed that the accused conspired with great intelligence. It is being told that this is exactly the way Ajay Devgan’s famous thriller film ‘Drishyam’ was shown.

Success in all things

The man named Jagjit and his female accomplice had committed crimes like murder, theft, robbery, snatching, inspired by Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukerji’s film ‘Bunty Aur Babli’. Later on being caught, both of them had told that they used to watch the film, how to do their work. We also completed many tasks with great intelligence.

Bank criminals gave reason

Films based on Bank Robbery are charged with theft in Banco. Abhishek Bachchan’s film Dhoom has inspired many criminals. In Kerala, a gang of thieves stole 80 kilograms of gold and Rs 5.5 lakh cash from the Bank of Kerala by digging a tunnel. The arrested criminals told that this plan they carried out the crime by watching the Dhoom film.

Step into the world of crime

There are also people who do not have to work hard and get money. For which they find it easier to commit crime. Seeing the film ‘Shoot out at Lokhandwala’, a young man was so impressed that he started dreaming of earning a name in the world of crime. The young man hails from Bihar. In the police interrogation, he told that he ventured into the world of crime, inspired by the life of Gangster depicted in the film ‘Shoot Out at Lokhandwala’.

Film scare

Not only this, there have been many cases like Kidnap in which the work has been done by looking at the film. In 2016, a criminal kidnapped a girl named Deepti Sarna after being influenced by Shahrukh Khan’s film Darr. According to the police, the culprit first saw Deepti in the metro and started following her. The way Shahrukh chases Juhi Chawla in the film.