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Taapsee said ‘absolutely rubbish’ to the court’s question about marrying the rape accused



Taapsee said 'absolutely rubbish' to the court's question about marrying the rape accused Funny Jokes

Taapsee said 'absolutely rubbish' to the court's question about marrying the rape accused Funny Jokes

Delhi. According to the circumstances and society in the court, sometimes during the debate, such facts also come up which people understand carefully and give their feedback on it. Actress Taapsee Pannu expresses her views on social media. Recently, he has expressed his displeasure over the Supreme Court’s question with a rape accused. Taapsee has targeted the bench of Chief Justice S.A. Bobde while sharing the post on social media. During the hearing of a case, the Supreme Court had asked the rape accused to marry the victim. Taapsee has asked the Supreme Court a big question, calling this question absolutely nonsense. Taapsee Pannu has shared a post on her Twitter account. He has written, ‘Has anyone asked this question to a girl? Does she want to marry a rapist? Is that the question Is this a punishment or a solution? Absolutely nonsense! ‘ Social media users are giving their response to this taps of Tapsee. Many people seem to agree with Taapsee’s questions.

It is to be known that the bail plea of ​​Mohit Subhash Chavan was going on in the Supreme Court. Mohit, a technician at Maharashtra State Electric Production Company, is accused of raping a schoolgirl. Mohit has a case under the Serious Sections of Protection of Child Sexual Offenses Act. Chief Justice of India SA Bobde told the petitioner’s counsel that if you want to marry the victim then we can help. If not, the job will go and go to jail. You wooed the girl and raped her.

Giving another chance, the Chief Justice asked the accused if you would marry him? The Chief Justice told the accused that the girl should have thought before luring and raping her. He knew that he was a government employee. The Chief Justice said, “We are not pressuring you for marriage.” Tell us whether you want it or not. Otherwise you will say that we are pressurizing her to marry him. The Supreme Court said that the accused will not be arrested for four weeks and he can apply for a regular bail.