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Style’s field master blaster Sara Tendulkar!



Style's field master blaster Sara Tendulkar! Funny Jokes

Style's field master blaster Sara Tendulkar! Funny Jokes

Master Blaster Sara Tendulkar – We are also interested in knowing about his family as much as we love the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

Where we know Sachin for his batting and calm nature, we have come to know about his family only in the last few years. Among the members of his family, where Arjun Tendulkar has debuted in the field of cricket, he is the wife of Sachin i.e. Anjali is a doctor who likes to stay away from limelight.

Then comes the turn of Sara Tendulkar, Sachin’s daughter, who is getting a lot of buzz these days due to her cute style. Sara was born on 12 October 1997 in Mumbai, Sara is just 20 years old but she has become quite popular on Instagram. Sarah looks very much like her mother Anjali Tendulkar and her innocence is very pleasing to the Indian audience.

From time to time, there were speculations about Sarah that Sara is going to debut in films soon, but what will happen in reality, it will tell the time to come.

If you are still confused about what is going on here, then at least look at these stylish pictures of Master Blaster Sara Tendulkar…

Master Blaster Sara Tendulkar –

Master blaster sara tendulkar

This simple look with white top is getting quite full, in this photo Sara is looking no less than a film star.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

Everyone knows how to style pink color tops daily from simple and this quality also makes their simple style special.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

Sarah’s glam avatar at the premiere of Sachin: A Billion Dreams attracted a lot of people. Sara was looking very attractive in Black attire, everyone also expected that Sara might turn to Bollywood soon but Sachin described all these discussions as baseless.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

Sara is 5 feet 4 inches tall and currently studies at Dhirubhai Ambani International School and is looking pretty in this beautiful black jump suit.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

Bollywood is liked by the whole world and Sara is also a Bollywood lover. As much as she likes Bollywood, she is fond of dresser dress. Their style suits them as well. Sara looks nothing less than a stylish diva in this blue and white dress.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

Her beauty in casual clothes also brings charm.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

In terms of style, Sara looks very good in this airport look too.
This airport look, with gray jeans and gray T-shirt, is quite simple despite being simple.

Master blaster sara tendulkar

While Akash Ambani’s engagement party made headlines for many reasons, the pictures of Sara in the red lehenga received as much attention as our Bollywood stars.

Master blaster Sara Tendulkar’s style is fresh with his mother’s decency. Sara has got the elegance of her style along with her look from her mom Anjali and the hope is that whatever profession she goes to tomorrow, she will remain with them.


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