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RJ and actor Pritam Singh accuse Shiv Sena activist of assault in Nagpur, threatens life



RJ and actor Pritam Singh accuse Shiv Sena activist of assault in Nagpur, threatens life Funny Jokes


Mumbai A well-known radio jockey, TV host and trying to make a mark in the world of acting, Pritam Singh attacked a Shiv Sena worker in Nagpur by hooliganizing his food joint and attacking him and injuring him and his parents It has been accused of abusing. Pritam has also accused his shop of attacks with stones and feared that the shop would be targeted further.

Life threatening

Pritam Singh said, ‘I have recently opened a food joint for retired father in Kapil Nagar area of ​​Nagpur. A Shivsainik named Karan Tuli came to my new shop and beat me with kick and punches and also hit me with an iron rod which hurt my hand. Not only this, Karan Tuli, who came to my shop with a friend, also abused my parents and sister present in the shop. He has also spoken to Karan Tuli about his life being threatened.

Pleaded for help

He has filed a complaint against Karan Tuli at Kapil Nagar Police Station. It is worth mentioning that Pritam has also requested the help of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis and RRS chief Mohan Bhagwat in tweets made one after the other about this attack. In another tweet, he has said that if anything happens to him, Karan Tuli will be responsible for it.

The price paid to support Kangana

Talking about the reason for this attack, Pritam said, “I am paying the price to support Kangana Ranaut.” He said that recently there was a debate between Kangana Ranaut and the Maharashtra government and I supported Kangana Ranaut amid this conflict. Angered by this, Shiv Sainik Karan Tuli attacked me. “

No help from Chief Minister

Pritam also said, “I have not yet received any assurance of any kind of help, despite being tagged to the Chief Minister for his agony.” Pritam said that he is not a big name in the entertainment world and that is the reason that so far no one has come forward in his support from the industry. Pritam hoped that appropriate action would be taken by the state government and police in this matter.