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Rakhi Sawant’s jasmine was blamed on this act, heard – Khoti Khoti



Rakhi Sawant's jasmine was blamed on this act, heard - Khoti Khoti Funny Jokes

Rakhi Sawant's jasmine was blamed on this act, heard - Khoti Khoti Funny Jokes

The reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, which is airing on television colors, is currently on its full thrill. Ever since Rakhi Sawant has entered the show, she has been in the headlines for some reason or the other. Actress Rakhi Sawant is doing a tremendous entertainment for everyone in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, while also resorting to emotional tyranny to make her point. Rakhi’s drama is showing a lot of color in the show.Rakhi Sawant Advice to Bigg Boss Season 12 Contestants related to Salman Khan - Bigg Boss 12: Rakhi Sawant made a big statement even before the show started, said- 'If SalmanThis time, the task that took place for captivity in the house showed a different form of Rakhi. However, this time Rahul Mahajan was made the captain.rakhi sawant husband wild card entry: rakhi sawant husband entry as a wild card contestant - navbharat timesWhereas this time Rakhi Sawant wanted to become the captain. For this, he also did an emotional drama inside the house.Bigg Boss 14 Fans Going Crazy For Rakhi Sawant Says We Want Her In Every Season She Is A FireRakhi tries to get Jasmine Bhasin in his favor to become the captain. He appealed to Jasmine with folded hands and cited his mother’s illness.Rakhi Sawant put charges on Nikki Tamboli called her Characterless |  Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant told Nikki Tamboli, 'Characterless', said- 'By taking men to the corner ...' |  Hindi news, TVIn front of Jasmine, he cried out his mother’s sickness and said that somehow she should get him the captivity, but Jasmine did not listen to him and Rakhi Sawant could not get the captivity.Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan Calls Rakhi Sawant Cheap Celebrity, Says Her Fans Also Cheap |  Rahul Mahajan told Rakhi Sawant in a quarrel, poor celebrity, raging social media usersRather Jasmine Bhasin rakhi said that he heard a lot of hard work on this action.Rahul Mahajan made big disclosure about Rakhi Sawant Wedding - Rahul Mahajan made a big disclosure about Rakhi Sawant, said - 'Even after two years of marriage, no honeymoon was celebrated'.  Patrika NewsLet me tell you that Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant) is far from becoming the captain, his performance in the task of the captaincy was the worst because he got only the support of Vikas Gupta, no one else supported Rahul Mahajan and Rahul A total of six votes were cast in favor of.