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Konkona Sen Sharma, who is playing the role of a temperamental daughter-in-law in ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrivi’, said – the round is about change



Konkona Sen Sharma, who is playing the role of a temperamental daughter-in-law in 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrivi', said - the round is about change Funny Jokes

Konkona Sen Sharma, who is playing the role of a temperamental daughter-in-law in 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrivi', said - the round is about change Funny Jokes

Mumbai. Seema Pahwa-directed film Ramprasad has released in theaters on the first day of the new year today (January 1). The film stars Konkona Sen Sharma as the dainty daughter-in-law. She always wants to be a part of new stories. In the new year, she is working on several projects. Excerpts from their conversation.

You always talk of telling new stories. What kind of projects are you going to do this year?

Ramprasad’s thirteenth has come at the beginning of the year. After that I will have a short film, which will be an anthology, with Neeraj Ghevan, the director of the film Masan. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is his first web series with Nikhil Advani. I am reading many scripts. The learning of the past year has been that by planning too much, nothing happens.

When the family is gathered in the thirteenth of Ramprasad, many such situations arise, which make the inconsistent atmosphere humorous. Have you encountered any such situation in real life?

Death is the greatest truth of life. Everyone goes through such situations. Many times we do not see the humor of that environment in that situation. We are lost in our emotions. This film will get a chance to see that perspective from a distance.

The film is shot in Lucknow. How much did the atmosphere of this set help in understanding the character?

10 to 15 artists were working together on the set. Manoj Pahwa was the leader of that group. We were in Lucknow, it was cold time. Half of our time was spent discussing food and drink, what is breakfast today. Seema Pahwa used to cook food in the direction. He made kachori with guava vegetable. I had never eaten this before. After packup we used to sit together and eat, watch movies.

You are constantly working with women directors. Are women in a phase of change now?

The phase is about to change, but that is not enough. There are some female filmmakers, but that is not enough. We are never called male filmmakers, but female filmmakers. The work of both is the same. We have to be aware about these things. He has to be brought into colloquial language. Change is coming, but he is slow.

Do you think new stories related to women will come in the year 2021?

As long as we keep following the stereotype (clichéd) stories, the true image will not come out. For example, the portrayal of women in films is superficial. Women are not always great in real life. He does not necessarily always make the right decision. She can also be a complex person, she can have many shades too.

You are the director himself. How much do you keep the inner director inside while acting?

I have been an actress before. I have done 50 films. It is natural that I will be inclined towards acting. In the initial phase, it was probably in me that why the director is shooting like this, but now I have stopped asking that question. I have distanced myself from it, because I feel that it is not the work of the artist. Anyway, I do not show tantrums on the set. I come on time. The advantage of being an actor is that you can distance yourself from these things.

Last year, your film Dolly Kitty and Woh Shining Stars was released on digital. Was there a nervousness when the film was being released there, or does the box office business bring a nervousness?

Yes, it was absolutely nervous. Box office business is a separate issue. The most important thing for us is that the film reaches as many people as possible. Theaters have their own appeal, as the film is made for the big screen. Cinematographers shoot the film so beautifully that it is nice to see it on screen. These are all temporary problems. OTT is also a good option. We want the audience to connect with our work. I was also happy about the OTT release.