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Kirti ax for the first time on Marital Rape – behind closed doors in married life…



Kirti ax for the first time on Marital Rape - behind closed doors in married life… Funny Jokes


Bollywood actress Kriti Kulhari says that now the time has come that we should raise our voice against Marital Rape. Kriti recently appeared in the web series ‘Criminal Justice: Behind the Closed Doors’, which is based on this heinous crime. The actress said, “Criminal Justice: Behind the Closed Doors’ highlights the issue behind closed doors in married life. It shows how a man overcomes his relationship in the name of love and what are the consequences. Now the time has come for us to raise our voice against the brutal crime like Marital Rape and Violence, which is encouraged within the taboo of happy marriage created by the society. It is a pain that educated and uneducated women are suffering silently. ”

In the series, Kriti will be seen in the character of Anuradha, who after marriage is suffering from the violent behavior of her husband, who is a lawyer by profession. In the series, this character is played by actor Jishu Sengupta, who is a lawyer by profession.

Shortly before, actress Kirti Kulhari told such a thing about her personal life that hardly her fans know. Very few people would know that Keerthi is ax haily married. Kirti says, “The media did not even know that I was married and the reason was that I was not a big star and neither was interested in this.” However after the film Pink, people started to know me and I got married 3-4 months before the release of Pink. “

Kirti has said that she is very protective about her personal life and she likes to keep it away from the limelight. That is why she does not talk to the media about her porn life. His husband is a very private person and he does not like to share his pictures on social media. Please tell that Kriti married actor Sahil Sehgal in the year 2016.