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Javed Akhtar said Rakhi Sawant’s claim is correct, said- I want to make an actress biopic



Javed Akhtar said Rakhi Sawant's claim is correct, said- I want to make an actress biopic Funny Jokes

Javed Akhtar said Rakhi Sawant's claim is correct, said- I want to make an actress biopic Funny Jokes

Rakhi Sawant has entertained the audience a lot in Bigg Boss 14’s house. She used to entertain everyone with her weird antics. Rakhi Sawant, who joined Big Boss as a challenger, recently said that famous lyricist Javed Akhtar wanted to make a film on her. Not only this, Rakhi has also told that which actress she wants to be cast for her role. Everyone was taking this rakhi joke, but Javed Akhtar himself has told the truth to this matter.

According to Spotboy’s report, Javed Akhtar has said that Rakhi Sawant is right. 4-5 years ago we met on a flight and he told me about his childhood. I told him that one day I will write a script based on his life.

Know what rakhi said

In an interview to India TV, Rakhi Sawant said that before the outbreak of Corona, Javed Akhtar called him and he said that he was going to write a biopic on Rakhi. According to the news of Spartboy, the actress says that I got a call from Javed Akhtar and it has been almost a year.

He said on the phone that he wanted to write my biopic and asked to meet him, but I could not go to meet him. He wanted a biopic to be made on me, but my biopic would be very controversial and I do not know if the people of the country would like to see it or not?

At the same time, Rakhi says that Alia Bhatt should play her role in the biopic. The actress has said that I do not know whether they will cast me or Alia or Priyanka Chopra. I love myself, but if I don’t do my biopic, then apart from Alia, the best actresses like Deepika Padukone, Kareen Kapoor Khan (Kareen Kapoor Khan) can also do it, because all are number one actresses And are my favorite.

Rakhi Sawant surrounded in controversies

According to the report, a source close to Rakhi Sawant told that the actress is very disappointed with this and the allegations that she has been facing are absolutely baseless. She does not know any person named Shailesh Srivastava. Rakhi’s close friend says that after Bigg Boss once again, Rakhi’s career has started gaining momentum, in such a situation, she is only being defamed. His family will take a decision in this matter by this evening.

Right now, Rakhi Sawant is meeting many people in this matter and is also taking care of her mother. With this, he said that if someone was cheated in the year 2017, then what was he waiting for so long. Why was he waiting till the end of Bigg Boss to finish the legal case. We will look into this matter legally.