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Father and son become a singing star, the story of Punjabi singer Kaka getting hit



Father and son become a singing star, the story of Punjabi singer Kaka getting hit Funny Jokes

In the era of social media, some such rare artists have also been found, who are not interested in any opportunity and in making recognition on their own. Successful Has happened. Punjabi Singer Kaka is also named one of them.. He shared one of his songs Surma in 2019 on YouTube. The song gained immense popularity and since then Kaka has continued to dominate.. Kaka has emerged as the new star in Punjabi music due to many songs like veneer, teeji seat, dhur pendi, tennu ni khabaran. Just one The year Kaka’s popularity has grown so fast that most of his songs have crores of views.

This success of Kaka is also surprising because he started a production company. help Have achieved this success without. 26 The year K Kaka was born in Chandumajra, Punjab. Kaka’s father, who did B.Tech as a mason after studying up to 12th from a government school Work We do. Kaka was fond of singing Punjabi folk songs from the 5th grade itself.. He often participated in the singing competition. Kaka born in Sikh family In college Sing but also write songs. Many of his songs have gained tremendous popularity..

Even his new song Ignore, which was released on Tuesday, is going to reach two million views in just one day.. Kaka’s song Bholenath also based on Lord Shiva very much Was popular. For the fans of Punjabi music, she New Are like a sensation. Kaka made his career through singing Surma in 2019 itself Start Had done them but Actual Recognition was received from his song Teeji Seat in 2020. Don’t sing this song In college He wrote but also gave voice. After the popularity of that song, Kaka has given several consecutive successive hit songs..

It is believed that Kaka may emerge as a big star in the Punjabi music industry in the coming times.. Kaka may be a common sight even though person Looks like, but his talent is extraordinary. Just one The year I have a big fan base ready.