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Ayesha’s last call recording revealed, “You die and send me the video…”



Ayesha's last call recording revealed, "You die and send me the video…" Funny Jokes

Ayesha's last call recording revealed, "You die and send me the video…" Funny Jokes

The police have got a big clue in Ayesha suicide case. The police has started recording that 70-minute hand, in which Ayesha talked to her husband Arif before Suicide. It is being told that this recording is expected to lead to several revelations. Tell that Ayesha had jumped in the river from Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad and she had also made a video before the suicide, after which the police also came into action after going viral. Police registered a complaint in this case and arrested Ayesha’s husband Arif from Pali, Rajasthan. The police is now investigating all aspects in this case, so far many things are being opened before the police regarding Ayesha’s suicide.

The mobile phone of Ayesha’s husband Arif has also been confiscated by the police, according to Ayesha’s family, Ayesha had a conversation with Arif for about 70 minutes before the suicide from her mobile phone. An audio recording of that conversation has also been started at the hands of the police, in which Arif is allegedly saying in a conversation with Ayesha that you die and send the video of the death to me.

At the same time, Ayesha’s family alleges that Arif was having a love affair with another girl. Now police is also trying to check through mobile data whether Arif was really having a love affair with another girl and if it was going on, who is that girl and whether Arif, Ayesha got upset due to the same Used to do and was pressurizing to bring dowry money.

Ayesha filed a dowry harassment case against Arif and his family in the year 2020 at the Vatva police station in Ahmedabad. Arif and his family were also arrested by the police after the registration of the case. Later Arif’s family were released on bail. In the 70-minute audio recording that has been found in the hands of the police, there has been a conversation between Ayesha and Arif about this dowry case and Arif had many times accused Ayesha of harassing the family and kept pressure on Was to withdraw this dowry harassment case.

Through the video, audio of Ayesha and Arif’s mobile, the police is collecting many evidence in this case, along with this, FSL will also be sent to investigate the audio of the mobile phone. So that when the whole matter goes to the court, through this case, the scientific evidence in this case should be presented through Voice Identification.