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Actor Amit Sadh praised Sonu Sood, said – Whatever I am today, I am because of you



Actor Amit Sadh praised Sonu Sood, said - Whatever I am today, I am because of you Funny Jokes


Actor Amit Sadh has given credit to actor Sonu Sood for his career success. Giving credit to Sonu Sood, who was popularized due to social work, Amit Sadh tweeted, “People don’t know that Sonu Bhai gave me the first break. Where I am today, I am because of them. Today people are discussing about their good works, but it is not such a thing that it has started yet. He has been doing this work for years. On this tweet of Amit Sadh, Sonu Sood has also replied in his own style and said that you are born to reach the height.

Sonu Sood tweeted, ‘Brother, you are born for the rule. You have written your own destiny. I am lucky to have a chance to be with you in this journey. Brother is proud of you. Keep adding more successes to your life. ‘ In response to this, Amit Sadh again tweeted, ‘Sonu Bhai thank you for these words. These words mean a lot to me. I will work hard to make you proud. Thank you for showing and inspiring the right path. See you soon Lots of love.’

Sonu Sood has recently released a book IamNoMessiah. Another Twitter user wrote that he too got help from Sonu Sood. Amit Sadh wrote on this, ‘He is a wonderful person. I have known him for more than 10 years. Always remain positive. Inspire everyone and be ready for help. Sonu Sood has also written on his tweet, ‘Love you brother.’ Let me tell you that Amit Sadh has appeared in many films including ‘Kai Po Che’. At the same time, Sonu Sood’s career is more than 20 years.

During the lockdown, his fans by the name of Sonu Sood, who came to the discussion by arranging the means for the migrant laborers to go home, have also built a temple in Siddipet of Telangana. Amit Sadh appeared in the serial ‘Why Hota Pyaar’ in 2002. In 2010, Amit Sadh, who played the lead role, started films in 2010. After this, in 2012, Amit Sadh got an acting opportunity with Sonu Sood.